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Who we are

The Software Libre Foundation is a not for profit organisation that competes in the IT market by trying to use the leverage that Free Software provides. In this context we prefer to speak of a zero profit company.
We do not accept donations or gifts. It is our goal to establish our bussiness, based on Free Software, that will generate profit.
This profit will be used however to accomplish our goal as described in our filing (a goal we are legally obligated to pursue). For our goal, which is the promotion and improvement of software of which the source is freely available, this means that profits will be used to improve awareness of Free Software, and improve the quality of software we use and related software-projects of which the source is freely available.
Another point of view on this is, that instead of dividing the profits under shareholders or investors, we return them to the people who enable a pool of software from which we can start.

The rationale is that, since the software is created in the public interest, any profit should also be returned to the common good by providing incentive to develop and maintain more and better software which in turn helps to establish a healty environment for IT in which programmers and endusers can enjoy their software with few restricions.
It also implies that customers that contract these services are funding the development and progress of the software these services are based on, and are therefor effectively funding R&D for themselves. Our customers even benefit from our promotional activities, since the more people use the software our customers rely on the better it will get.

We view software as a service, a service that is created by a community that writes the program and uses it themselves or deliver it to the customer. In view of updates, bugfixes and features it is easier to see software as an ongoing process, and is thus more transparent when seen as a service then as a product . Since our bussiness relies mostly on the end-phases of this service, we think it is natural that those at the beginning of this pipeline should share in our success of a succesfull deployment, since everybody in the process is instrumental. This approach is common sense, and it leads to better, more free and cheaper software in the long run.

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