What we do

We deliver services regarding software and hardware to customers. In fact we provide all the normal things one would expect from an IT-shop. However, we try to implement these services with Free Software to the best of our abilities.
The benefits of this approach to the customer are clear:

Reasons for this are numerous, but for example, consider the following:

The cost of obtaining the software needed to realize a solution is usually orders of magnitude lower. This translates directly into a lower offset for an offering

Competition for delivering the services is a low entry market, where skill and merit are most important. This forces fair prices and allows free market working to do its job.

Copying and transferring licenses are not disallowed. The value is in the service, not a disk of easily reproducible secrets.

We use Debian as a base distribution, not only because of it's strong background in Free Software, but also because of the vast amount of software it provides, its impressive and robust packaging system, and it's excellent quality assurance. As to the scope of our activities; Usually (Free) software comes with a no warranty disclaimer, which implies no support can be demanded from the author ot distributor when using this software. We deploy this software and provide support and warranties.

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