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For most of the available types of server-side software we provide deployment, maintainance and support.
For example:

After deployment we can provide service/maintainance contracts on hourly or per-incident basis. We also provide monitoring, security and error-check services. These all come at more then reasonable reasonable rates and terms.
a desciption and price-list of our services and support

We also provide hosting for these services on our own servers which run on a high availability, high bandwidth network.

We also provide solutions for the not so common server side setups such as:

These will be tailor made solutions for every situation.
a closer look at performance and availability computing

We provide translations of a technical nature. Translators are not very hard to find. But all round translators often seem to have problems with technical content and computer specific terms. Consider white-papers, fucntional descriptions and other typical technical documentation.
We translate from and to dutch, english, norwegian, swedisch en danisch.
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