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One of the things we provide is hosting. Hosting is a broad term that covers many different services, of which we support the most common ones.
Whether you are looking for simple web-server or a complete cluster of physical dedicated servers, we can provide it.
Whatever the hosting service you are looking for, it will run on a high speed, high availability network.

A dedicated server means a physical server that will run inside our network. This server will have it's own ip. Next to placement we can populate and configure this server according to your wishes. (more info/pricing)

A shared server/services can be used for a webserver, a mailserver or any other common service that needs a reliable, fast and stable internet connection. (more info/pricing)

All hosting comes with unlimited email support. However, we cannot guarantee timely replies. If you need 24/7 support coverage please see our support packages. This free support is only available for Free Software packages.

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