Software Libre: Abstract


It is logical that the first Free Software packages were written for the creation of more software, to empower programmers to widen the range of software they needed.
The most famous of these is probably the GNU C Compiler, a standards compliant compiler most renowned for being the de-facto compiler of the Linux kernel.
This trend continued , and it is no surprise that today's open-source programmers have a multitude of tools, IDE's, libraries etc. at their disposal to write their software with.

This open environment of freely available software tools allows us to write programs in a efficient manner for a multitude of platforms in even more languages. This is a boon for us as well as our customers. As it leads to lower costs and expenses as well as faster deployment.

We have extended knowledge about and experience with most of the common languages available today. C, C++ and PHP being amongst them, as well as java.

Our rates depend on several circumstances such as licensing, duration and deadlines

Our base rate is 40 Euro/hour.

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