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Debian GNU/Linux

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Debian is a distributor of the GNU/Linux operating system. It is very much akin to a GNU/Linux vendor, of which SuSE and Redhat are the most prominent examples. The difference is however, that Debian is a distribution for a community, by that community.

We give it special mention because it is our distribution of choice, since it is mallable yet solid. Furthermore we strongly believe in the principles layed out in the document that governs the direction of Debian; the debian social contract. Good software allows professionals to do a good job. And Free Software allows us to do our job without being restricted. This leads to better productivity for both the contractor as well as for the contractee.

Debian's primary practical goal is not to be sold, it is to be used. A new version is only released because it's ready, not because of external factors. It has a reputation of being somewhat hard to use, and not very friendly to people starting out with GNU/Linux(1). On the other hand it has the reputation of being the most solid and coherent distribution available to mainstream computing.

With over 8000 software packages available, and the guarantee that these packages will remain free to adjust to the needs of a changing market, we believe Debian is an excellent tool for just about any job.

(1) Although improvements steadily progress, Debian can be daunting. Since it is mostly used and made by people familiar to GNU/Linux, userfriendlyness such as graphic installers and automatic hardware detection seem to lag in comparison to the other distributors. If you are new to GNU/Linux please see our sections links to inform yourself about some of the other distributions that focus primarily on desktop usage.

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